Are Wyandottes Heritage Chickens?

Now for years I wanted to keep chickens.  Something about these active birds that is both comforting and interesting.  And those eggs…did I mention those eggs.  Nothing like a fresh egg from home grown chicken.  Just rich in favor and easily fried.  Ok I said the fried room but I love over easy eggs with toast (wheat toast lots of real butter).

Doing some web search on my polish chicken to determine if it was a rooster or hen.  I discovered that there is a drive out there to protect heritage chickens.  Wow I thought that is a good idea some of the older breeds have withstood the test of time like the Polish chicken, and the Silky but without saying man can be another test almost to much for an animal to survive.  Anyway, I wondered did I get heritage chickens.  I looked through a few sights and no Wyandottes mentioned now I am worried after all what could be better then helping chickens and groups of supports out while I get my eggs.

Now remember in an earlier post I mentioned that this breed has been around awhile and are very egg productive and quiet nature.  So I went back to the Wikipedia site I had mentioned in two of my past posts and I found that the Wyandotte chickens originated in the United States in the 1870’s.  So I discovered that my Blue and Red laced Wyandotte chickens are from a heritage breed but are changed through breeding here is a photo from the Wikipedia that shows the original look of my chicken.