Will I get re-approve to teach at home this year?

I wrote an message earlier about submitting and application for homeschooling with my state and tough I can still state that is is easy I found out that I did not send enough information so had to resubmit which made me wonder what if they say no this year so I started looking up parents rights in homeschooling to see if I can find out what a parent could do if refused by their state to home-school their child another year.

Anyway, doing some research this morning on what to do if they say no I found out that it is really a part of our American Constitution that all parents in every state can take charge of their child’s education.  It is just a matter of getting the states and CPS to go along with this right.


This makes me feel proud to know that I am upholding a right that our forefathers deem wise to include in that Constitution.   I know that everyone will argue that if you are not educated to teach but really there is so much out there to help you that to teach at home is not as hard or difficult has one would think.  Anyway, I have also heard the argument that children that are home schooled do  not get socialized as well and are not as productive members of the community as those who are taught in public. I found another statement on this web page that answers this so thought I would share them both.


So though I did not find information about what to do if I am refused permission this year to home-school my daughter, I feel I have gleamed some information that makes me proud to be apart of the homeschooling community.