Bayou Rapides Christian Academy on the way to 5th grade

Promised I told you that once I received my answer from the Louisiana school board I will let you all know if these Christian Academy was going to be up and running for the fifth grade.

Nevermind I just mailed it application on I believe it was Friday and they received it Monday and they got my message today and guess what we are up and running for the fifth grade we’re so excited he just cannot wait after schools let out for summer a much-needed summer break of course we cannot wait to start our new school year and our new adventure this year more patience.

Will also be doing several book reports, field trips, some more photo art, and I’m hoping to squeeze and home economics.


A year is up

It’s hard to believe that just a short time ago or so it seems like maybe even yesterday and then nap away I wrote a blog post on sending my application off and then one been showing its approval short time later. Now once again I sent off a little earlier this year my application for homeschooling Megan again and a great state of Louisiana.

So I’m excited it’s going to be her fifth grade and our 4th year teaching. This year I really not send a lot about it or shared a lot with the things going on with Facebook and the questions out there about how much do you share about your personal life on the internet but nonetheless I’m excited about this new year coming up. The first couple years I bought some curriculums the complete sets but last year I went with around town finding books separately and I feel we a lot of exciting information.
I’ll probably do the same this year with a couple of exceptions or maybe science and math but I can’t tell you all how rewarding I think it is to educate a child at home.

This year I expect him to be a little slower and let me know if I’ve been approved because I do not send my application over the internet I sent it over the the mail and that was fun. I had to look all over the Internet site to see if I can find their address and apparently they’re more interested in people sending it online so it’s very hard to find address.

But I’m assured that my mail will reach them by Monday I’ve sent it priority so I’ll be sure to to let everybody know if Bayou Rapides Christian Academy will we run the running again next year for the fifth grade. a year is up. Time for some new excitement.

School is In!

I want to thank so many of you for liking my posts and sending me comments.  I really have grown to love WordPress so much and all of you.  I am going to the library to post and read as many blogs as I can so be patient with me.  If you do not have a blog with wordpress check out this link WordPress blogging site.

We were approved again for homeschooling and are having a busy blast.  This year I am using textbooks I have been blessed to find in the free section of the library  This is a challenge as you need to check for the books materials to make sure all is up to date and right level for the child’s age and needs.

The library is still offering small classes for science and we will be starting back on those this fall.  See Rapides Parish Library. in Alexandria, LA or check with your library to see what they do with donated books.

Thank you all again for your fellowship.

Louisiana Home Study

Home Study 4th grade application

I finished up my application to teach 4th grade in our homeschool Bayou Rapides Christian Academy Home School so now the wait.  Once again I am very excited about the up and coming year and have already rounded up the books and most of the aides for this year.  I have enjoyed the Louisiana Home Study program and have found it easy to work with the last few years so hopefully this year we will be accepted again.

Homeschooling Mom?

I wanted to touch some on a topic I know so many have been faced with so it is not new but it is one of the reason I am glad for the push in the government to put the rights of schooling back into the hands of the parents.  I mean who knows their child better then the parent right?  I know some may argue for those children of abusing parents or of uneducated parents who lack the understanding of the importance of education in our opinion and these are good concerns but are we more educated as to think we can out guess what each person needs to become who they were intended to be.  I say this because I had a shaky childhood to say the least but I can not help but feel it shaped me and can not for a minute regret all the past pains and wrongs.  But this is off topic.

What I wanted to mention is the attitude I sensed yesterday when scheduling my daughters placement test was one of “you homeschooled her so we have to make sure she is in the 3rd grade”.  They were nice about it so I remained so though I would have anyway still it is hard to have people think that because a child is homeschooled they are behind in education and why do you have them with you today when it is a school day?  I think they often forget field trips. Were you take kids to see how businesses run and spend their day working.  She learned a lot yesterday about the running of a school district office.

I will have to say at this time that each person was pleasant and not openly rude and you do I think have to except schools to take the opinion that a public education is better then a homeschooled so I am not to shock by their attitude.  Anyway, I explained that I am a state approved homeschool and get approved every year through their standards and was able to be told I would have to wait until July for her placement test as they have so many school children to attend to first.  So hurry and wait.  The life of a homeschooling mom?

Homeschooling-a parent’s role in education

I went to a Gender reveal party yesterday and meet another individual that teaches their children at home.  In the course of questions asked of me about my home-school it was revealed to me that they did not know you had to get approved yearly to teach your children at home.  I was given the impression that they thought I was a little dingy to think this was necessary.  So I decided to write this post and add some links for Louisiana families homeschooling to look at.

If we are going to do anything in this day and age it is a good idea to check the laws around you.  What a blessing they can be but to not follow them because you do not know them is no excuse or at least that is what the judge will tell you if you are standing before him so here goes.  

BESE-Approved Home Study Program
A BESE-Approved Home Study program provides Louisiana families the opportunity to independently educate their child. In a BESE-Approved Home Study program, parents have complete control and responsibility for educating their child. Parent’s primary responsibilities include: a) selecting and using the curriculum to teach their child; b) determining the child’s grade placement; and c) submitting initial and renewal home study applications to the LDE for approval.

This is taken from the web site  I would recommend reading this web site for future information.  And/or links.  You can check out HSLDA site this is a great site as it has links to several states laws for homeschooling and offer assistance in knowing and protecting your home-school rights.  They have lawyers and if you join them but need one of their lawyers that service is separate from membership for their website.  Here is another home study in Louisiana link to check out.  This is the link I should to send my application online to Baton Rouge were they handle most of the school board affairs.

So please all check out the laws of your state and your responsibilities if you are homeschooling.   After all education of our children is more important to us as parents then to the state as a whole so homeschooling is a parent’s role in education.