Almost Slipping

Almost slipping

into the deep unknown

I found myself thinking

the pages of time flying by

what is it we need to know?

Just enough to be

the profound person

whose wings did but

for a fraction

soar amongst the

many great souls

God shared with the earth



What I am Up To!

Time seems to be very busy and swift to fly by here so blog posts are not daily.  I am hating that but to be honest it has been funnier to come to library for the internet instead of having it at home.  My provider was always raising up the cost of the net and I found that hard to take.

I continue using the talk radio channel I have found also and have enjoyed it so much more then television.  Somehow listening to a voice and forming the pictures in your mind sees to keep the brain on it’s toes so to speak and gleaming information is so much fun.

I have started a research project because of a fact or not so fact I heard on the radio the other day and am amazed at what I am finding out that I did not know.  Been reading about JFK.

I will leave you with this thought:

You are all



and inspiring.

photo by Karen Smith at Alexandria Zoo