Wrestling With Thoughts

Wrestling with thoughts

to place on paper

the mind forever wondering

stopping now and then

to see the wonder of song

or place, being stuck to a face

always seeing the beauty placed

by not a wish but a reality

of worlds and hearts that

combine and form a chain

that we can not refuse

it’s common thread of hopes and

dreams spread from corner to corner

for all of us to see.


Little Girl

Little girl studying

sitting on the bench

looking all around her

not aware of the page

she would rather be

outside to play.

Little does she know

one day she will be

a little royal princess

leading you and me




Knowing Is Half The Battle

I have been busy, as I know in one way or other we all have been, I have two paths of inquiry I have been seeking out and have
mainly just posted poems which seem to be my most popular posts. During these inquiries I have made numberous discoveries
about secrets and little know facts that I have been at loss to know how to move forward.
It hasn’t help that it seems that libraries now are getting rid of pyshcial books due to computers and digital books.
I prefer paper myself as it is easier on the eyes and less damaging. Another, I believe is a desire to be more controling of
what we read. I have had to go and order books from one library to my library myself so as not to upset the librarians.
Now I will take this point to say that there just is so much out there to learn. It is vast but I love it and one thing that
sticks out is how wonderful people are. I think the more you know the better we handle differences and value them as
well. I mean why is there a big push to make a one world government when each country is so special and wonderful.
Every human being is trully a gift.
Anyway, I will add some links later and suggest that everyone that can pick up a book. Like GI Joe show the kids
would watch use to say KNOWNING IS HALF THE BATTLE.


Google book search

Students from US can read books

Online library

I have not tried any of the links but the Gutenberg.org link which is good.  I am just getting to were I would like to encourage all of us to read with me being the one I most focus on so much to learn.

What I am Up To!

Time seems to be very busy and swift to fly by here so blog posts are not daily.  I am hating that but to be honest it has been funnier to come to library for the internet instead of having it at home.  My provider was always raising up the cost of the net and I found that hard to take.

I continue using the talk radio channel I have found also and have enjoyed it so much more then television.  Somehow listening to a voice and forming the pictures in your mind sees to keep the brain on it’s toes so to speak and gleaming information is so much fun.

I have started a research project because of a fact or not so fact I heard on the radio the other day and am amazed at what I am finding out that I did not know.  Been reading about JFK.

I will leave you with this thought:

You are all



and inspiring.

photo by Karen Smith at Alexandria Zoo