Mulberries Delight

We had snow this year and a few days of colder then normal weather. I thought for sure my garden plants would be dead or suffer greatly but instead I have tons of fruit on every.

Even my purple Lady Banks is loaded and will be just a explosion of color when the flowers open up.

My biggest surprise is my Mulberries both trees have grown 6 feet since last spring and are full of small berries. They are tasty and delicious.

mulberries delight

Birds gather and fight

Quickly we gather

By Karen Smith


Mulberry For the Birds!

Sometime ago I wrote about my potted mulberry bush or tree?  It had grown a lot in the month since I had transplanted it so I proudly sent a picture.  Well this morning I went outside and the mulberry is now well over 5 feet and in the last two weeks.  This amazes me so I took a photo to share.

I have been thinking of dragging the 50 gallon pot out to a more sunny area so I had better get to it before it is to large to move.  Mulberry for the birds!  Can’t wait for it to produce berries and listen to the birds sing in joy.

I am sending a link to Wikipedia tells about the mulberry it is a member of the Morus plant, this article also list some of the know vitamins from the berry the plant produces.  I have tried a few of the berries before getting the plant.  They are not as tasty as a berry at least not as tart and sweet but they are very good and would make an excellent jam.

What sold me on the tree was the fact that having one of these will keep the birds happy and out of your garden as mulberries are a birds favorite foods. has a good article on this.

Mulberry Tree



Shamrocks and Mulberry Tree photo by Karen Smith

I took this photo at the beginning of spring in an blog posts about weeds everywhere I was not referring of course to the shamrocks or the mulberry but the little yellow flower plant in the upper right corner.  Which got to stay it course by the way.  Working on yard eco systems much as possible.

I have taken a picture of this Mulberry Tree now about two months later and it has grown like a weed.



Mulberry Tree


It is dark in the photo and I hope you can tell that it has grown by a foot and 3/4 of a foot in little over a month.  I bought this as a cutting about six inches long and it grew very little the first year I planted it.  So I am proud it is growing now.  The mulberry takes about ten years to grow fruit and well gets larger then I had thought so now I am looking into learning if it is possible to keep it trimmed to a size I would like.