French Market Coffee

I wanted to give a shout out to a new brand of coffee (for me) that I have tried this past week.  I had gone shopping and discovered it up on the top shelf and well it spoke to me so I looked at it and discovered that like Community Coffee it is grown here in Louisiana so I had to give it a try.

It is a beautiful coffee full body without the bitterness and very excellent flavor.  Just love it so I am including a link here for anyone who would like to check it out.  Frenchmarket Coffee


Live Full in The Moment

It has occurred to me that I need to make a news year resolution when it comes to my blog.  I have fallen to just one style of writing and trying to cater to what others seem to enjoy.  It has been a lot of fun and I cannot complain but I would like to added more blog post on some tips on everyday living for us folks who just plain live simple

I heard a made on Coast to Coast Am last night talking about time and the idea we have of time.  He was talking about how during mayor events time will seem to slow and he said that he realized it was because for the particular time the reason time slows is because we are actually fully in the moment and not distracted.  I thought this is great and all the more reason why all of us should offer tips (well written) and stories as it is a way to dwell fully in the moment and at the same time give that moment to someone else.

So I want to share more moments with you all and if you happen to have more in life then me smile with me and allow me to share with those like me.

The New Year

I can’t help but feel the New Year is off to a great start even with the usual cold chill here in Louisiana.  I see people fighting for freedom of self and the right to have a government of their own choice and it makes me excited to be alive today.

I have been made so acutely aware this year of groups of people who would love to see us all under the thumb of one government and one thought pattern but my friends I will tell you each of us is like a song unsung and so special.  To those in the struggle for a better country and life for yourselves I say congratulations and may you be blessed.

Just a few thoughts and many wishes for a wonderful New Year for all.

I Woke Up Yesterday to An Amazing Surprise

I woke up yesterday to an amazing surprise.  The yard  seemed to be whited through my steamed windows so I had to clear the glass and take another look to see if it was real, and to my amazement it was.  Louisiana does not often get snow and this was a great treat for us.  Though now the next few days will be a hard freeze being in the twenties the next two nights.

My garden will suffer but I am glad to say I had the wisdom to bring in my citrus trees and plants that I had outside.

Knowing Is Half The Battle

I have been busy, as I know in one way or other we all have been, I have two paths of inquiry I have been seeking out and have
mainly just posted poems which seem to be my most popular posts. During these inquiries I have made numberous discoveries
about secrets and little know facts that I have been at loss to know how to move forward.
It hasn’t help that it seems that libraries now are getting rid of pyshcial books due to computers and digital books.
I prefer paper myself as it is easier on the eyes and less damaging. Another, I believe is a desire to be more controling of
what we read. I have had to go and order books from one library to my library myself so as not to upset the librarians.
Now I will take this point to say that there just is so much out there to learn. It is vast but I love it and one thing that
sticks out is how wonderful people are. I think the more you know the better we handle differences and value them as
well. I mean why is there a big push to make a one world government when each country is so special and wonderful.
Every human being is trully a gift.
Anyway, I will add some links later and suggest that everyone that can pick up a book. Like GI Joe show the kids
would watch use to say KNOWNING IS HALF THE BATTLE.

Google book search

Students from US can read books

Online library

I have not tried any of the links but the link which is good.  I am just getting to were I would like to encourage all of us to read with me being the one I most focus on so much to learn.

Homeless Internet

I have been living without the internet at home and have found it to be a blessing but it is also hard on the writing.  Came up to the library last week without my laptop so found myself starting another blog page on wordpress.  It is the only way I could blog that day as I have my passwords saved to my computer and do not carry them with me.  If you notice someone out there that may carry my writing voice it is probably me.  Here is my new blog link: sparetime writing.

Been have a very successful school year at this point and a wonderful time as well.  We are leaning on the sciences and math.  I never made the class at the Alexandria Zoo last year and hope to do so this year.


Louisiana Home Study

Home Study 4th grade application

I finished up my application to teach 4th grade in our homeschool Bayou Rapides Christian Academy Home School so now the wait.  Once again I am very excited about the up and coming year and have already rounded up the books and most of the aides for this year.  I have enjoyed the Louisiana Home Study program and have found it easy to work with the last few years so hopefully this year we will be accepted again.