Louisiana Home Study

Home Study 4th grade application

I finished up my application to teach 4th grade in our homeschool Bayou Rapides Christian Academy Home School so now the wait.  Once again I am very excited about the up and coming year and have already rounded up the books and most of the aides for this year.  I have enjoyed the Louisiana Home Study program and have found it easy to work with the last few years so hopefully this year we will be accepted again.


Appreciate Yourself You are A Part of A Pattern

Have you every looked at patterns around you.  Like the way grass will blow together in a pattern?  How sand makes a beautiful pattern with the waves or how a weaver designs a rug, a piece of cloth.

Would it surprise you to know that we as human beings form a pattern that is not just functional but very beautiful.  Think of it.  YOU are a beautiful part of a whole pattern of loving universe of people.

Now I am not talking a religious belief at least not as you are thinking.  I am talking about how special you are.  Everyday I go shopping, play a fishing game on the internet, walk down the street, ride the city bus, and greet people and I am amazed at how rude people are and uncaring.

I realized that it is a chain reaction to each being made to feel they are not cared for or appreciated but I would like to try and break that chain by letting you know you are a gift to each of us.

Appreciate yourself as a part of a pattern that is both beautiful and unusual.  Wonderful and unreplaceable.  Here is just one link I found on appreciate yourself on the net: www.marcandangel.com ,  I also copied one saying from there that I thought was very interesting and true see what you think.  Screenshot_19

I thought this was true because if we allow ourselves to stay were we feel unappreciated then we drown and become people willing to hurt others to make ourselves feel better and that starts and unending chain of hurting others.

So know that I appreciate you and please appreciate yourself YOU are worth it.




One Year Of Writing


I am so happy to get this congratulations from wordpress.  It has been a fun and special year for me and busy.

In 23 days my blog will be changing hopefully to a free account as I requested but it will not be found on the kazshomemadetips.com web page so I maybe starting over and will have to find you all again.

Keep on writing and keep on looking appreciate all of your tips and help along the way, Karen.

Getting Caught Up

The summer is starting out busy trying to throw reading in the mix.  Maegan and I are doing the summer reading project together at the local library.  Maegan is aiming for a 100 books while I only have to read 5.  Anyway, I had to play catch up with my book the last couple of days so I am behind in the blog.

The tomato garden up front has done well and we have been getting more tomatoes this year then any other year so  I am happy with my www.farmersalmanac.com were I get advise on when to plant for my area.

I am missing some of the people I follow from my reader and am having to fin d a way to see your new posts so I am working on getting caught up reading posts too.  Some  very nice poems and photography out there this week.

A big thank you to my new followers also.   So I am getting caught up and will be adding some of you to my reader list.

Stuck In the Middle With You

I started off my day with this song on my tongue and as I was wondering why I could not help but think how lucky I am to be stuck in the middle with you.  I could have been a clown or a joker but I am stuck with the group in the middle and it is a pretty wonderful spot to be in anyway here is a link if anyone would like to listen to this song.  I had always found it fun, and a happy song.  WWW.bing.com


I have for you also who wrote it and preformed it.  Screenshot_19


Robots: Will They Take Our Jobs?

I remember an upset customer at a Kroger store here in Alexandria a few years ago.  A man  and his family got loudly upset about the store having the self serve check out registers as they were afraid that people would be losing their jobs.  The managers ignored him and a couple of cashiers just stared.

I had thought he was being rather crazy.  After all someone still has to monitor these registers and help customers in need which seemed to me to be a bigger job then just one register but then I found out that they now have robots that can operate on people and well you guessed it Alexandria has one.  The doctor sits at the computer screen and controls the robot from were he sits.  I am told it is better and faster healing then regular surgery.  Less people are necessary too during the surgery.

Over the news the last two days I have heard from Mark Cuba, who is pushing for government funding to research and build robots, says that robots will cut jobs and that the more repetitive the job is the more likely they will soon be replace by computers.

I was surprised when he said jobs like receptionist would soon be the first to go.  I mean I would have thought that seeing a robot at a doctor office instead of a person to tell them you are there for your appointment might be alarming but I guess these are just repetitive jobs that don’t need humans to do.

There are many jobs put at risk and yet Mr. Cuba says that you can’t stop progress. This is going to be the way of the future.  Should we really stand by and allow this to happen? Robots: will they take our jobs?