Hold on To The Inner Heart of Hope

A world full one activity after another

Little time to ponder nor wonder observed

Lost in time to those around seen but invisible

Staring at words written still unseen

People seeming known but never friends

A pond fish among the sharks

Hold on to the inner heart of hope

By Karen Smith for photo prompt


Still I Continue On

Wandering along in the dusk of day

Searching, searching, searching

Not finding nor understanding for what there is to find

Walls,barriers rise up daily before me

Still the search continues with every sense possible

Voices battering haggered in tone

Still I continue on

Photo by Lucas Piero www.pexels.com

Photo prompt by Suzanne


Man will continue on when all else around him is gone with men there is a hope a goodness a determination
Man but seen the rise and fall of many and has yet to see the destruction of all men who continue to spread truth and knowledge Justice
Man but build all things destroy some and nurtures all

By Karen Smith

Photo prompt by Suzanne



Alone Wondering

Alone wondering

Moonlit paths toward home

Light of love

By Karen Smith

NaPoWriMo photo prompt day 30 by Suzanne

I had a ton of fun doing these photo prompt poems. It is a challenge to keep your mind creative and it’s amazing what a picture will place in your mind. Some of the pictures we got which all of them came fromwww.pixabay. were very exciting and dramatic to look at. I recommend their site for pictures to use on your blog.