Were You Watching Me?



Viashali Bajaj

I found this picture on Google + and had to share the color of the photo is better on the site which is one of the things I like about Google plus.  Google plus check out the link and site.




I sat under the tree

and watched you as you were watching me?

Everywhere your focus seem to be!

I wondered if you saw me

or some distant scene.

It hardly mattered really

for the moment seemed as a dream.



Climbing towards the sky above

reaching for realms of hope

among the angels on high

wearily but not stopped

onward and up

continuing on our hope

in what lays beyond


History is A Beauty


This is a beautiful historic home called the Cooks House  I placed a website to give you some more information on it but it is quiet beautiful and well cared for.


Photo Vision

Just a few of the photo’s I took today as you can see not much for fall colors but it is very pretty through there at this time of year.  I gathered several peacock feathers to begin making some dream catchers and took tons of photo’s.  I was beginning to have photo vision.