What’s in a picture

but a thousand words

spoken only in colored vision

expressed by mirror of hidden thoughts

What’s in a picture

an image caught

living beyond the expressed idea

uncertain but there

What’s in a picture

the love of the person

giving his soul

to the moment of the shot

What’s in a picture

life worth living.

Photo and poem by Karen Smith


Narrow Windows


Narrow lovely windows

trying to spread light

into the deem reaches

but fail to fully give us

what we need to see

so we read on the pages

words of life

and stumble on feet of clay


A somewhat poem by Karen Smith 9/24/2017





Flower Photo Shot a Child’s Eye

Hi all with spring being here we took a field trip and photo shot today.  I decided the best way to do this was to pick a subject and stick with one.  Which worked quiet well.   Maegan took photo’s of flowers this time and of course did not stick with garden flowers.  The weeds flowers caught her eye as well it often does with a child.

She used my camcorder which has I am sorry to say but a small amount of pixel so it does not allow for the best of sharing photo’s but it gave her and idea on how to zoom in and out.  How to wait for focus as of course I have it set on automatic adjustment for a photo but it was still good practice at getting the photo in frame or finding a frame you want for each shot.

She learned how hard it was to get a distance shot and having to much light in the photo shot.  She got some great shots and next project will be animals but I am going to think of how to refine this assignment and get it to were it will be active but easy to do at first.  Here is the photo’s she took for her first photo assignment.

Mirror effect Photo’s

I have for years dreamed of taking beautiful photo’s.  Photography being such a unique art-form.  Like any art-form you can keep developing and improving with it that is if that is truly possible.

I went to the zoo over the Labor Day  weekend and was trying for a video and discovered how to make a video that will make you dizzy and bewildered as well, but the Zoo is truly beautiful so I will try this idea again with the different flowers and plants they have and this time I will do so walking and not on the train.

While I was there I got a neat photo with a mirror effect of an lizard I used to have and was very fond of my Iguana and had it in an hundred gallon fish tank but I had to part with him and I still to this day have a fondest for this type of lizard.  So I took a picture at the zoo of one that was active at the moment.  Take a look at it.

dsc00166 Do you see how this photo came out with a Mirror Effect.  I was not aware that the sun was in the position to cause this as the naked eye only saw a lizard free from shadows and no reflection in the glass.  As an intentional photographer I have a ways to go but as an accidental photographer I think this is a pretty good photo.


I love my Mirror effect Photo’s.  Tell me what you think.