Earth Revolves

Earth revolves

Under painted skies

Wonder stuns

By Karen Smith

Photo credit USDA



Ghostly leaves

gray in night sky

strange night orb


I found this photo while going through my pictures and well honestly can’t say what I was trying to catcher here.  Those leaves just seem to draw me so I could not delete it and then I saw my cute orb….probably a reflection of the lamp into the camera still it is funny how strange photo’s turn up?

poem and photo by Karen Smith

His Name is Chance

I have a border collie

to me he is the best

it had not surprised me

to learn how smart he is

I have a border collie

he loves to dance with me

protective of his favorite cats

not to mention me

I have a border collie

who never forgets a scent

he understands the words I speak

I have a border collie

who is my best friend

he even loved to play a fishing game with me

I have a border collie

his name is Chance

all the things we have done

he is the best dog yet