Walk child

through paths

lined and twisted

with natures

lovely trees

remembering the

sun’s kiss

the shades hug

walk on child

the world is

yours to mold

photo and poem by Karen Smith


Getting Caught Up

The summer is starting out busy trying to throw reading in the mix.  Maegan and I are doing the summer reading project together at the local library.  Maegan is aiming for a 100 books while I only have to read 5.  Anyway, I had to play catch up with my book the last couple of days so I am behind in the blog.

The tomato garden up front has done well and we have been getting more tomatoes this year then any other year so  I am happy with my www.farmersalmanac.com were I get advise on when to plant for my area.

I am missing some of the people I follow from my reader and am having to fin d a way to see your new posts so I am working on getting caught up reading posts too.  Some  very nice poems and photography out there this week.

A big thank you to my new followers also.   So I am getting caught up and will be adding some of you to my reader list.

We had a great day at the zoo today and I tried to take photo’s beyond my normal picks but the otters were very playful today and had to come up to the glass to play.  The alligators were sleeping deeply in the water right next to the glass, and of course the Loin fish has grown even bigger since the last time I saw him.

The bears had two almost grown cubs and we ran into a baby monkey as well.