American Child

Tears falling shame hide

For the American child unaware

Strangers stealing their meat
American child hopeful by birth

Unaware the opportunities gone
Schools are robbed education given to another

American child where is your mother
We let the wolf enter where gate should be
American child what politician stands for thee

You been abandoned buy those voted to rule
And have just taken from you

American child would it be enough to cry for you?



Visions seen as muddy images

Forgotten details out of reach

Long for ideals lie at my feet

Progress that was gained seem

Distant erased gone

Beauty hides under falsehood

Lies eat up hope

Blame falls on the weak

Then we talk of dreams

By Karen Smith

Little Did He Know

upon arising one morning
He found himself wondering

Life had become such a trial
Everything lacking in color

Troubles everywhere

What could be the point he thought
On going out there
After a time of struggle with his thoughts
He reach for the door knob and pulled

Little did he know the shock that he would feel
When upon his vision colors jumped out everywhere almost does he close the door

But no he must Brave the world and as he continues on his way
He’s surprised to see some smiles here and there
Suddenly it seems even the animals sing

How could he have thought his world was so dull and colorless
Full of problems and hardships
When all along people were always waving and birds singing their song
Little did he know his life was only his vision

One he made for himself
By Karen Smith #writing prompt

By Suzanne