Raining Cats

Raining cats chasing

tailless dogs down roadways

wet with muddy spots

jumping frogs found everywhere

flowers bent with heavy drops



Daily Prompt: Silent


via Daily Prompt: Silent

Silent I stood amongst you

looking for someone to notice

quietly echoing a longing

shared through ages past

I am here wanting to be

existing in the light of your eyes

sharing time filled desires

friendship, laughter, togetherness

still I remain Silent

Wrestling With Thoughts

Wrestling with thoughts

to place on paper

the mind forever wondering

stopping now and then

to see the wonder of song

or place, being stuck to a face

always seeing the beauty placed

by not a wish but a reality

of worlds and hearts that

combine and form a chain

that we can not refuse

it’s common thread of hopes and

dreams spread from corner to corner

for all of us to see.


I would speak to you
of magic
magic that comes
from a human voice
a smile a look
I would speak to you
of magic
in a thought a poem
a book
I would speak to you
of magic
in a child an old man
a poor man
I would speak to you
of magic
in giving in loving
in losing
Magic the love of one
for another.