In  her birth she waved

above an unsure land.

Cannons roared around

and smoke filled the air

trying to smoother

the noise and screams.

She proudly stood her ground

flying there in the breeze

hoping when the sun arose

the site of her land still be.

Many did stand there

straining to see

if she still waved over

the land of the free.

Or did another hold her place

taking the dreams

of a country yet to be

When the sun broke

through the war torn sky

much to many man’s joy

she waved her strips and stars.


poem by Karen Smith photo from you tube site 10/21/17


Small Souls

Small souls

filled with greatness

most desired be


I have been doing a lot of research into some lives of great people and I have found that when it is all said and done that the greatest people are the smallest people with humble lives and hearts and the most blessed are those who have but understand what it is not to have.


Another Poem?



I saw a few of my blogging friends working on a new type of poem. Well I thought that looks interesting so I went straight to my light script and copied the how to box and now here I go.


Powerful, peaceful
Running rapid fast
Clear pure mirror color
A new poem by Karen Smith 10/9/17

I choose the word water to work with because I have been made aware of how water is being exploited and abused by some governmental agencies and the cost to the people will be harmful if not a hardship. I think we need to see if really we are not being deceived into believing that we are into climate change or is it more a way to line someone else’s pockets. California if I were you I would not take what is going on in your state laying down. Just a thought anyway. I hope you enjoy my just another po