I Am Here

I am here

Yet as my mind wonders

I am aware that I am really there and not here

I long to be there but

I am but here


Word prompt by Suzanne

Crazy piece by Karen Smith



Stairs leading to empty nests forgotten long ago play neglected abuse forgotten somewhere along the way
Stairs that once upon a time a princess tread a little boy slid down the rails and Mom called for supper down below
Stairs reflecting life in no way a mirror can with steps and tears and joy bouncing upon its boards
Stairs that now break the hearts of all who enter here tears of what is gone with no evidence of what’s to come

A free verse poem by Karen Smith


She delights herself in the face of a Strom

Showing her grace, might, her charm

She lifts her wings in preparation for flight

A bird that has no comparison

Queen alone yet humble, quite

Preferring to glide through smooth waters

Loving life around her

Seeing what is true

All is as it should be

Take delight in the world you find yourself in

By Karen Smith

NaPoWriMo photo prompt day 21 by Suzanne

Lady of The Garden

Sunshine flowers

Boarders fill



Lady of the garden who supper brings



And flying things

Humming sings everywhere

Amber honey flows

Ready for biscuits on table fare

Sweet be the harvest

Lady of the garden brings

By Karen Smith

NaPoWriMo photo prompt day 17 thanks Suzanne

Sunrise Falls Upon my Page

Sunrise falls upon my page

Taking me for a ride

Among my dreams of far away places

Cities tall beautiful creations

I sip my coffee soaring to new heights

Reading dreams of others

Renewing my own hopes

Finding life renewed

Sunrise coffee and a book

Is all it took

By Karen Smith

Prompt day 7 NaPoWriMo