Louisiana Home Study

Home Study 4th grade application

I finished up my application to teach 4th grade in our homeschool Bayou Rapides Christian Academy Home School so now the wait.  Once again I am very excited about the up and coming year and have already rounded up the books and most of the aides for this year.  I have enjoyed the Louisiana Home Study program and have found it easy to work with the last few years so hopefully this year we will be accepted again.


Summer Reading Program

Maegan had wanted to do the summer reading program this year with the main library here in Alexandria LA.  So yesterday we went to the internet and signed up.  Well while we were there I discovered I could do it as well so why not, lead by example right?  Well I only have to read 5 books which amazes me as I cut my teeth on books.  I was reading adult books by 3rd grade, just love to read.  Don’t worry I read what was known then as Gothic’s which I loved as they were full of adventure, history, suspense and the hero was always a woman.

Great books.  We anyway not to many good gothics out there now a days so I am going to start my reading off with a book I got free from the library written by Harlan Coben.  Called Play Dead it is about a woman who goes and get married only to have her husband go out for a swim and not return.  Sounds so good.  He says this is a book he wrote about 20 years ago and just recently published it so when I read it I will tell you some about it and what I think.  Ok?

School is in the house

We are having a lot of excitement this evening.  School is starting and my granddaughter wants to start her classes earlier then the public schools.  To be honest she has not been able to wait and start using her new school workbooks.  We are using the Life Pac curriculum which I had mentioned in a past post.  I am impressed by what I see each group comes with a teachers guide and lessons guide, report card, how to teach each lesson and were a child should be and/or learn at a certain grade.  Plus more.  The lessons are not to long and will easily hold the child’s interest.

I am planning on several field trips, not only to teach different lessons through hands on lessons but to demonstrate to my granddaughter that there is so much out there that is free or affordable and fun to do.  The zoo class in spring does cost 95 dollars but it is well worth it and she will get not only lessons on the animals but learn what it takes to care for them and how to take an interest in respecting animals in their own environment.  Should be fun.  We are going to start a fundraiser for it also soon.