St. Patrick’s Day

We’re on this earth together, and if we would be brothers; fight not on your own behalf, but for the sake of others.  Irish Saying

Let me be the first to say happy St. Patrick’s day all and tell you that the month of March has been set aside to honor Irish American’s and our relationship with the Irish country.

I am planning on having a cup of Irish coffee tomorrow, minus the whiskey, and think on what  a lovely history the Irish had, what are you going to do to celebrate the day?


The Last Day of February And It Blows Away

Wanted to wish everyone a very happy March as we get ready to round the corner and find ourselves into it.  Today it is very windy outside reminding me of the little quote March comes in like a loin and goes out like a lamb.

We have a lot of St Patricks’ Day items for sale already making me think maybe a door deco for my place this year.  Get ready for the spring and spring break for the kids too.  So as the last day of February and it blows away I am going to get ready to move some more plants and get the green out.