Small Souls

Small souls

filled with greatness

most desired be


I have been doing a lot of research into some lives of great people and I have found that when it is all said and done that the greatest people are the smallest people with humble lives and hearts and the most blessed are those who have but understand what it is not to have.



The 1940’s and 60’s

I have been doing some research on JFK which has me reading  several books on the 1940’s through the 1960’s.  I have discovered that even with the advances and such in our world today thoughts and ideas are still pretty much the same now as they were back then.

For example back in the mid 1940’s the far left groups of the United States had wanted to start an one world government as it was a way that they felt we could remain at peace and destroy the nuclear bomb.

I found so much that I am reading to be educational and well even relaxing. I mean we have managed to be around today and I believe it shows that we have a hope for the future.  I am proud that we have someone in office that is trying to put us back on track for the people and not the elite tough.

Try finding a subject to research that was in the 1940’s and I think you will find too that so much of what are being put in the news and such is pretty much the same.

Homeless Internet

I have been living without the internet at home and have found it to be a blessing but it is also hard on the writing.  Came up to the library last week without my laptop so found myself starting another blog page on wordpress.  It is the only way I could blog that day as I have my passwords saved to my computer and do not carry them with me.  If you notice someone out there that may carry my writing voice it is probably me.  Here is my new blog link: sparetime writing.

Been have a very successful school year at this point and a wonderful time as well.  We are leaning on the sciences and math.  I never made the class at the Alexandria Zoo last year and hope to do so this year.


The Monkees

I was listening to a talk show on the radio this early am and was surprised to learn the truth about my favorite music group  The Monkees they actually did not start out as a band but a television shows.  Well this shocked me as I did not realize this until I heard this talk show and it made me think how strange everyday life can be as we then to all see things so differently and yet as we see them they connect together so marvelously to form a pattern of humanity that is out of this world wonderful.

I know by my talk you all would wonder what I mean but life is so impressive in it’s simple yet complex nature.

The Monkees 1968 .  Screenshot_55

I hope you check the above link out and then ask yourself what in my life may I have thought was one thing but really it was another?  Strange how life is.