Branch After Branch

leaves turning  yellow to brown

line the streets and fill yards

as seasons change from life to life

nature understanding the laws of living

building on the same branches year after year

never needing to throw out a thing

just enjoying the moving forward

through seasons of life’s

scares, joys, hate and love

Poem and photo by Karen Smith all rights reserved


What Is Lost

Funny how I woke today

thinking that everything was still the same

and as I stumbled towards my coffee pot

knocking the cobwebs from my brain

I see that nothing is the same

I set out to except the change

boldly foraging as I go

finding I like the change

but still long for what is lost


Appreciate Yourself You are A Part of A Pattern

Have you every looked at patterns around you.  Like the way grass will blow together in a pattern?  How sand makes a beautiful pattern with the waves or how a weaver designs a rug, a piece of cloth.

Would it surprise you to know that we as human beings form a pattern that is not just functional but very beautiful.  Think of it.  YOU are a beautiful part of a whole pattern of loving universe of people.

Now I am not talking a religious belief at least not as you are thinking.  I am talking about how special you are.  Everyday I go shopping, play a fishing game on the internet, walk down the street, ride the city bus, and greet people and I am amazed at how rude people are and uncaring.

I realized that it is a chain reaction to each being made to feel they are not cared for or appreciated but I would like to try and break that chain by letting you know you are a gift to each of us.

Appreciate yourself as a part of a pattern that is both beautiful and unusual.  Wonderful and unreplaceable.  Here is just one link I found on appreciate yourself on the net: ,  I also copied one saying from there that I thought was very interesting and true see what you think.  Screenshot_19

I thought this was true because if we allow ourselves to stay were we feel unappreciated then we drown and become people willing to hurt others to make ourselves feel better and that starts and unending chain of hurting others.

So know that I appreciate you and please appreciate yourself YOU are worth it.




Comment On A Prose

I wrote a prose yesterday on a prompt that I feel I should comment on today.  Everyday I open the news and facebook newsreel to see people rally against laws of this country and fighting with no right to claim for the rights of Americans and those who have with a good heart legally adopted our country.

I seen a rally of illegal aliens and untitled undocumented fighting for a university to give them free medical,  housing, sensitivity training for staff etc and here in my state we don’t even know were the money will come from to keep tops going for our college students they are taking the health care from the children to put the money into the college system.

I see these things and I wonder what happened to America?  Were we take in others and throw out our own!

And I have to realize that this has been coming for a long time with people thinking and planting some of their wild and impractical thoughts.  I won’t point fingers because I blame all of the American people we sit back and say what can we do let us hide and maybe it will go away.

My head hangs like a weary flag and I too have thought of becoming an illegal alien somewhere?  No of course not but America is not America anymore.  Poor little girl!