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Time of The Tomato

Saturday I received an email from Old Farmers Alamac telling me it is now time to plant the second set of large tomatoes.  I had mention here a few back how I had signed up for a gardening calendar and email alerts when to plant as I grew up in the upper regions of the states and am so used to growing plants under different climate.  I could not grow things well here at al.

I am proud to say it is getting better now that I can consult my gardening calendar.  Anyway, finding the tomatoes was a challenge because yes no on sales them except for garden specific stores.  So I called Petrus today which is a feed and seed store and was relieved that they had some.

I went up and bought myself two Florida 91 tomatoes.  I grew this tomato last year and was very impressed by it.  Really stands up to the heat.  The link I am sending is from Bonnie and as some good information on this tomato.

Now it is time for the tomato.

The Tomato Worm

I went out to the garden to find I had tomato worms.  At first glance I was excited thinking they were Monarch caterpillars as the tomato worm is actually very nice looking worm.  I gathered what I found of them as well they had eaten quiet a bit of the plant they were on already.  The thing about them is they are not the least bit  worried about you standing there, the nerve of them.

Now I have to think about what to do as I really don’t want to put out anything to kill them as I might do damage to the eco system I am trying to develop in my garden and yard as a whole.  Anyway, I went looking them up on the net and here is some tips I got for those of us like me that think being a good manager of our world around us is the first best step in helping keep the world a better place.

Screenshot_8Tomato hornworms    I learned this year that the hornworms are in the soil at the being of the season so by tilling several times before planting will greatly reduce and control the pest.  I have lots of wasp in my garden but I guess not the ones that prey on these little worms.

Here is some tips for getting rid of these from the Almanac  I got the photo to show you what they look like from this link as well take a look.


Ace 55 or Red Ponderosa?

IMG_20170324_081808I was out doing some photo’s of garden the other day and discovered that some or at least one of the tomato seeds I had plant a few weeks back decided to come up.  The problem is I don’t know what it is as I had some red ponderosa in the corner by the climbing peace and some Ace 55  a little further out.  I am believing that is what this little plant is and I hope so as they take 75 days for the Ace tomatoes and 85 days for the red ponderosa.  I am afraid the tomatoes won’t produce though as it will get to hot in just about two months.

Tomato, Tomato and More Tomatoes

Update on my tomato gardens my big boys though not large yet have grown about 4 inches bigger and are starting to get some blooms.  I am very excited about this so had to take the time to let everyone know.  I have a cold so have been laying low today but have been wanting to move my remaining blueberry bushes up front to see how they do with the tomatoes.

My potted cherry tomatoes are without blooms but are getting larger and very sturdy on the stems.  A good thing as I want tons of cherry tomatoes better then candy to pop one in you mouth as a snack along with some ice tea is well a small piece of heaven on earth.

Here are my photo’s on the buds forming.


Friday and Saturday are suppose to bring rain so I plan to toss some kind of small amount of feed out there not sure which yet.


I changed the shape of my garden bed yesterday as well as planted some tomatoes.  I think the fire ants got my seeds as nothing came up so went to Wal-Mart and bought some Bonnie Plants getting some Big Boy tomatoes and a hybrid cherry.

When I got home I decided that I was tried of a straight diagonal edge and I wanted a slight curve after all shapes make us or break us.  I mean some of us are relaxed with straight edges and some of us are more relaxed with the soft curves and flowing lines.  So I changed my flower bed edge.