Mulberries are For The Birds

Last year I shared a photo of my mulberries that were about 3 ft high. I was impressed because they grew so quickly when transplanted form their 6 in pot.

Now this year they are about 8ft tall and are loaded with berries. I planted them because I wanted a bird friendly way to keep birds out of my black berries, but I have discovered that these berries are excellent in favor and very healthy for you. Check out this organic website organic facts they have a good description of this berries health benefits. tells facts if the varieties of trees and growing them. I can not say it takes 10 years to produce because I have had mine for only 3 years and berries are on my youthful trees. Mine are a Russia variety very good taste.

So are mulberries for the birds? I think I will be sharing mine.




Walk child

through paths

lined and twisted

with natures

lovely trees

remembering the

sun’s kiss

the shades hug

walk on child

the world is

yours to mold

photo and poem by Karen Smith

How Fast a Tree Grows


At the beginning of spring I showed a photo of this seedling which I was supposing was that of a cherry pit I had started in the area.  At the time of the first photo this seeding was about 6 inches tall now it is about 2 and 1/2 feet tall.  I am amazed at how fast seedling trees grow.

I am not so sure it is a cherry tree as the leaves look so similar to the mulberry trees I purchased from a nursery but I am going to leave it in place and keep an eye on it to see how it  does.  I would so love for it to be a cherry tree.


Nature Does It!

I took these pictures today on the way to Alexandria’s main library.  It is a beautiful church that nature is taking back over.  This church was built in 1885.

The little tree out front wasn’t planted back then but it is amazing how the sign that was there has been well for a lack of a better thought eaten by the young tree as it grow.

This is in reassuring to me to see how plants are determine to go on and well can do so quiet well on their own.

If you are interested this church is for sale.

Odd Tree

I am wondering if anyone can help me identify a tree or what acts like a tree.  It is growing with so trees we have been using as an research project.  The red bud it is planted with is about 1 foot tall and this one is about 5 feet.  It has grown that much in a year.

I will send a photo if you know what it is leave me a message in the comments.


You can see the red bud next to it so this is the size difference in the same soil and the same care.


Mulberry Tree



Shamrocks and Mulberry Tree photo by Karen Smith

I took this photo at the beginning of spring in an blog posts about weeds everywhere I was not referring of course to the shamrocks or the mulberry but the little yellow flower plant in the upper right corner.  Which got to stay it course by the way.  Working on yard eco systems much as possible.

I have taken a picture of this Mulberry Tree now about two months later and it has grown like a weed.



Mulberry Tree


It is dark in the photo and I hope you can tell that it has grown by a foot and 3/4 of a foot in little over a month.  I bought this as a cutting about six inches long and it grew very little the first year I planted it.  So I am proud it is growing now.  The mulberry takes about ten years to grow fruit and well gets larger then I had thought so now I am looking into learning if it is possible to keep it trimmed to a size I would like.



Attempt At Rebirth

Almost lost my Crepe Myrtle during the hard freeze I had cover it but the top length of the tree died.  I had almost dug it up the other day.  Broken hearted I kept it there, this was a tree I had gotten for donating to a save the tree foundation.  I went out to day to take photo’s and there it was making a large attempt at rebirth.


These trees are quiet beautiful here in the south and have very pretty early spring blooms.  The trunks and branches are sometime twisted and usual making for good walking cane production.

You can see the fertilizer I placed around it can not wait for it to grow.  When we planted these last year my daughter kept a daily  diary on there grow and leaf product.  She had so much fun and realized that tough a lot of hard work goes into science it can be fun and rewarding to observe life around you.