Were The Weeds Grow

I sometimes think that Louisiana grows more weeds then any other state in the union.  I love this state so don’t get me wrong but it will be a battle until the extreme heat comes in the fall.  You can weed one day and have them back the next.  I say all this because taking photo’s of my awaking garden I find the weeds everywhere.

I am still going to post my photos of my reawakening plants. Wait until you see the work I have to do but I am smiling even as I think about it.

So as you can see were the weeds grow.  So I need to dawn some gloves and get with it.  Not to mention I need to do battle training my lady banks, both plants are all over the place.


Continue To Add The Wild

I love my www.facebook.com  newsreel.   I have like to many pages and I get so many great tips because of this.  I have liked many gardening pages, chickens, fishing etc.  A great way to support others while getting information readily to your fingertips.

This morning I received a message that told about five more wild weeds to add to your diet and the best news is that two of them grow like crazy in my own yard.  So naturally with my blog about adding weeds to your salad I thought it would be a great idea to share these with you.

First here is the link to the article: www.rodaleorganiclife.com .


I am adding this one as  an example as I love the taste of mint and think it is so funny that I pull this plant up like mad and throw it away now I can eat it.