Happy Bat Day

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I for one who had to share this with you in my blog I have learned to love bats living here by the Bayou. The bats I see here love to eat mosquitoes.
You’ll see them flying around just as it gets dusk and a lot of times I’ve wondered why they’ve never tried to touched my hair since I read somewhere that they do have a tendency to do that but nonetheless it is always reassuring to know they’re out there hunting for mosquitoes just before dark.

Of course of garden freaks can appreciate the fact that bats are also known to help propagate certain types of fruit by spreading pollen. Nice sometimes right about bees and other pollinating creature such as the Bumblebee. And I think I have at times giving people the idea that you do not have to use care with these creatures. So at this point I just wanted to point out you can do a whole lot appreciation with your eyes and curiosity but keep your hands off.

Take a look at the from the USDA it’s about bats and bat Appreciation Day thanks and I hope you are having a good day.


Wild life on the Run.

One of our  Home-school projects is our garden plot so we took off for Petrus this morning to buy some tomato plants, ants have eaten our seeds so I have gotten some rid of an ant hill or two and we are starting again and had to get plants for the tomato.  On the way we decided to film our water birds they try to make a living on the side of the Highway.  This bird comes back every year and resides alone.  It is a beauty and  so far has never been harmed.  Take a look at him and forgive the filming.  I am learning.

This is definitely wild life on the run.