French Market Coffee

I wanted to give a shout out to a new brand of coffee (for me) that I have tried this past week.  I had gone shopping and discovered it up on the top shelf and well it spoke to me so I looked at it and discovered that like Community Coffee it is grown here in Louisiana so I had to give it a try.

It is a beautiful coffee full body without the bitterness and very excellent flavor.  Just love it so I am including a link here for anyone who would like to check it out.  Frenchmarket Coffee


Spirit And Soul

Hurriedly she rushes along

as a butterfly gathering

its daytime meals from flowers full of color

being careful as she goes along

to care for each and gather

to herself the ideas and hopes of others

not forgetting that beauty lies

within the spirit and soul

which she tends with delight

no love lost here

free lance poem by Karen Smith



Foraging A Way of Life

I have gotten into my head lately that I want to start some notebooks at home on foraging.  I started thinking about this as well it seems we as people are to dependent on what is brought to us in the way of food.  So much is processed in ways that well are not healthy but yet have not been approved by the average person.  So one of the advantages of making ends meet is it makes you think of options.

So I am getting started this week with my notebooks to keep with me until I get more and more educated on edible plants and flowers.  Of course, one of the big things to consider also is were you are getting them to eat for example gathering edible flowers from the side of a road may not be a good idea as of chemicals from cars, and spraying for weed control along the road side.

So foraging a way of life may just be a good idea to get started at as well as learning to grow organically and raise vegetables in containers as well. is a good link for monthly ideas of foraging as well as for beginners.  Here is a good site from the UK as well .

Remember not to litter while out and about and be considerate of the ecosystem where you are foraging.


The Chain of Time

A poem how do I write thee

as I make a dash amongst

the shelves of books

hoping to find a teacher

there to help me select the words

many famous voices of poets

cry their word of tears, love and war

but nothing do I find with pages

to tell me how to write

what I do learn is

poems are  songs of an inner heart

a soul traveling with mine

therefore I lay my words out

linking the chain of time

Creole Tomatoes

My first year of planting to the Farmers Alamac has not been a success much to my disappointment
but the weather has been very cold at least 50 degrees lower then what is common in CentralLouisiana even New Orleans, way down at the southern most point of the state, had ice covering cars, streets and hindering operations as they know it.
But I will try again and have purchased some new tomatoe seeds to start for planting in March or hopefully the last week of February. I am trying another type of tomatoe called Creole,Bonnie plants  and I am hopeing this tomatoe will do as well if not better then the Flordia 91, Bonnie plants .
I bought my seeds from Petrus Feed store, about a half mile down the road from me. I love the people and it is nice to have a place you can buy seeds in bulk. Got about 300 seeds for a dollar. If I get it right you can grow tomatoes twice a year here in Central Louisiana.
So am excited about this years of planting.





Gardening plans
heartbeats freed
flowers strong

My Friends Don’t Be Fooled



I have been doing a project called listening to every idea out there over the last few months and it has been both rewarding and scary.  We have so many voices out there filling our ears and hearts with dread but if you just step back and take a closer look the negative is not founded expect in the fears that another is trying to spread or has themselves.

My hearts desire is to once again express that the world is connected but not as tough we are one being shared in many bodies but that as humans we are alike even in our differences but it is our differences that join us in a musical dance called life.

The world has changed but yet if you read some form of history and look at today’s newspaper you will see how what has changed today is progress but much of trials and problems as still similar to what was expressed in the past.

My friends do not be fooled into thinking all is lost because were there is the human spirit of love and compassion nothing is lost.