Feeding Time at The Zoo?

We went to the Alexandria Zoo yesterday for their annual free admission day and had a blast.  This zoo has really grown and added on see the following link: Alexandria Zoological Park.  We always love to check out the duck over by the shrimp boat display.

We noticed a squirrel there eating away at the duck food and only one duck on one side of the dish as we watched it became noticeable at how scared the ducks were of the squirrel as they tired to circle wide around the squirrel to get to the food.  One even had a pronounced limp and sure enough as they got around the feeder to eat the squirrel snarled at them and chased them off.

I guess this there is no love lost there between ducks and the squirrel.


Zoooooo Time

I am heading off to the zoo today and will be coming back with more photo’s for everyone to see.  Here right now in Louisiana we do not have the fall leaves in fact we have been about 90 every day so far it has been nice for the night air is a cool and crisp.

In the mean time here is a writing assignment for you.  Write a paragraph in a language of your own invention.

This can be a lot of fun and remember the Klingon language see www.kli.org   from Star Trek became a actual language.  Off for some zooooo time so have fun with your writing assignment.

Fish pond at the zoo

I really love the fish pond at the zoo here in Alexandra.  It is in the center of the front court yard and next to the train depot.  So as you feed the fish you can here the whistle of the train and is makes it way back to pick up more passengers.